NFL: Detroit Lions at Denver Broncos
Ron Chenoy / USA TODAY Sports

There's a sense of optimism surrounding the Denver Broncos entering the 2020 season. While they reside in arguably the toughest division in football, they appear to have their quarterback of the future and spent this past offseason beefing up their offense. Denver's defense has long been one of the best in the league, and their stars like Bradley Chubb are finally back healthy. One of the more underrated players on the Broncos is kicker Brandon McManus, who is after an NFL record this season.

During a recent interview on the NFL Network, McManus revealed that he is after the NFL's longest field goal record, which is currently held by Matt Prater. Back in 2013, Prater hit a 64-yarder while playing with the Broncos. With his big leg coupled with the thin air in Denver, McManus believes he has a shot to break this record in 2020, and says he will buy everyone in Denver a beer if he can pull it off. 

"I have a big leg, and I've always wanted to have my name etched in history," McManus said. "I know I can make that, my teammates know I can make that. In training camp, with live rushes, I've made it from 73 yards."

Claiming to make a 73-yard field goal sounds almost ludicrous, but there is video evidence that does appear to support this.

The longest field goal McManus has made in a game was a 57-yarder he converted back in 2015. During a game with the Los Angeles Chargers last season, Broncos head coach Vic Fangio sent his kicker out to attempt a 65-yard field goal attempt, but then changed his mind and brought the special teams unit off of the field. 

"They alter the mechanics and it affects him the rest of the game," Fangio said after the Broncos beat the Chargers, 23-20, according to Troy Renck of Denver7 ABC. "I'm going to say that that decision not to let him go out there for the 65-yarder led him to making the 52 and the 53-yarder."

Ever since his opportunity to break the record was taken from him last year, McManus has been vocal that he would like a chance to at least attempt a record-breaking field goal. Fangio will be inclined to call his number should the Broncos find themselves in that kind of situation this season.