Las Vegas Raiders v New England Patriots
Adam Glanzman/Getty Images

Late in their 20-17 win over the Arizona Cardinals, the New England Patriots had the ball at their own 32-yard line. They had 56 seconds to move the ball into Nick Folk's range for a potential game-winning field goal, so the Pats and Josh McDaniels dialed up a read-option run for Cam Newton

Newton read the defender coming off the edge -- who crashed down on the fake hand-off to running back James White -- and took off toward the left side of the field. As he passed the first-down marker and approached the sideline, Newton slowed down just a bit -- enough for Cardinals linebacker Isaiah Simmons to catch up to him before he stepped out of bounds. Simmons laid the wood, and Newton practically flew through the air as he crashed to the ground. 

By the time Newton got up, Simmons had been flagged for a late hit. The 15-yard penalty moved the ball into Cardinals territory, and a couple plays later, Folk kicked a game-winner from 50 yards out. It was a huge play that arguably won the Pats the game. 

Only, several replays showed that the hit by Simmons wasn't actually late. Simmons connected with Newton while the quarterback was still inbounds. Newton, though, was prepared for such a scenario. "Whether they would have believed it or not, if I would have got blew on, brushed, touched, passed by in a forceful way, I was going to flop anyway," Newton said, per Zack Cox of NESN in New England, adding that he didn't actually need to flop because Simmons hit him so hard that he was flung to the ground to begin with. 

While we can debate whether or not Newton actually did flop (the hit from Simmons was a pretty big one), he ended up drawing the personal foul anyway. The big run and even bigger hit allowed the Patriots to win a game where Newton had one of his worst performances of the season, so the strategy worked out for him.