It looks like Johnny Manziel isn't the only former first-round pick being sued for doing some serious damage to a multi-million dollar rental home: Cam Newton is also reportedly facing a lawsuit.

The Panthers quarterback is being sued for a total of $270,324.70, according to the lawsuit, which was first obtained by TMZ. The suit was filed on Sept. 15 by Jared Pobre, the husband of actress and former WWE diva Stacy Keibler.

Pobre is the manager of a luxury rental company that leased an $11 million Beverly Hills home to Newton for 61 days beginning back in March. The rules of the rental agreement with Newton dictated that there would be no parties and no smoking at the house. Newton also agreed not to have more than eight guests over at any one time, according to TMZ.

Apparently, Newton broke all three of those rules during his two-month stay.

According to the lawsuit, not only did Newton throw multiple parties at the house, but there were cigarette ashes found all over the property. In the lawsuit, Pobre noted that a $32,000 rug was permanently stained during Newton's stay.

In total, Newton allegedly did roughly $90,000 in damage to the home. According to ESPN, that total includes: destroyed bath towels and linens, damaged toilets and water damage to wood floors, damage to the walls entering the kitchen and stains in the driveway, plus the $32,000 rug.

Pobre's attorney, Richard K. Howell, told ESPN that the lawsuit was a last resort.

"We're expecting Cam Newton to be held accountable for actions for damages he caused," Howell said.

Besides the $90,000, Newton is also being sued for $180,000 in lost rental income. According to the lawsuit, it took almost two and a half months to repair the damage that was done during Newton's stay, and while the damage was being repaired, Pobre was unable to rent out the home, which goes for about $72,000 a month.

The Panthers quarterback paid $123,000 for the 61 days he rented out the home.

Newton's camp hasn't responded to the lawsuit. As a matter of fact, Newton hasn't talked to anyone outside the Panthers' organization this week. The quarterback has been in concussion protocol since Sunday, when he took a big hit during the Panthers' 48-33 loss to Atlanta.

Anyway, the lawsuit against Newton makes the one that was filed against Manziel earlier this year look tame by comparison. Manziel was only asked to pay $32,000 after damaging a $4.5 million rental home in the Los Angeles area.