The New Orleans Saints didn't lose Sunday's game to the Los Angeles Rams because of an official error, but a blown call had plenty to do with the eventual score of the game. Off the heels of the pass interference non-call that transformed the entire NFL, referees made another comedic error during the Saints' 27-9 loss to the Rams.

The Rams were driving deep in Saints territory midway through the second quarter when Los Angeles quarterback Jared Goff fumbled the football on a 3rd-and-7 at the New Orleans 11 yard line. Saints defensive end Cameron Jordan recovered the fumble and returned it 87 yards for the touchdown, but the play was ruled dead after Jordan recovered it.

The initial ruling by the officials was incomplete pass by Goff, giving the Rams a 4th-and-7 at the 11. The officials reviewed the play after Saints head coach Sean Payton challenged the incomplete pass. The play was reversed, but the Saints were not given a touchdown since the play was ruled dead via the whistle. 

Jordan took a subtle jab at the officials over the blown call, one that will likely result in a fine.

"I didn't even hear the whistle," Jordan said, via Amie Just of "I grabbed the ball, 15, 20 yards down the field. Allegedly a whistle was blown — clearly, I mean, a whistle was blown. Normally you let the play happen. Any Foot Locker — I mean, referee — usually tells you, you let the play happen, then you go back and review the play."

New Orleans was credited with the turnover and Jordan the fumble recovery, getting the ball at its own 13. No touchdown was awarded since the play was ruled dead by the whistle. The Saints probably didn't agree with the NFL's explanation of the call either. 

"You can't focus ... the things we can control as coaches are the things that I just alluded to,"" said Saints head coach Sean Payton. "When we get poor officiating or we get an awful call like that, we can't control that. Our focus this week is going to be on cleaning up the penalties and making sure we got the right guys on the field, too."