Troll so hard, Observer. Troll so hard. (via Charlotte Observer)

Wednesday's edition of the Charlotte Observer features an editorial cartoon focusing on Panthers quarterback Cam Newton. As you can see above, it's not a friendly cartoon, but rather one that calls out Newton for his signature touchdown celebration while pointing out that he is not actually a ferocious cat.

As you can see, Newton's doing the Superman celebration he likes to pull off in the end zone, but underneath is actually a "Hello Kitty" logo. The cartoon is largely based, I assume, on the fact that Newton was rather downtrodden after the Giants whipped up on Carolina during Thursday's game.

It's justified to think that Newton needs to recalibrate his in- and post-game attitude. Panthers wide receiver Steve Smith basically said as much. But I have a few problems with this cartoon.

1) Could it be less timely? This game happened last Thursday. Can't wait for next week when the artist renders a depiction of the refs gaffe in the Seahawks-Packers game.

2) Newton's attitude after the game was bad. But does Charlotte really have the cachet as a sports town to be picking on its biggest star? Given that Newton has one less victory in his career than the Bobcats had all of last year, I would say no.

3) Why does Newton's behavior in games get so overblown? I tend to think it's people trying to justify predraft speculation that Newton isn't a great leader. The dude had a single game this season in which he was blown out by a superior opponent and he got upset. Let's not project stereotypes on someone.

4) The thought bubble is possibly the most terrible addition to any cartoon ever and it's insulting and ruins the joke. The only way it could possibly be worse is if there was a second thought bubble that said "Because the big 'S' is for Superman."

Look, the Observer and its cartoonist aren't supposed to take it easy on Newton. He deserves some knocking right now for the way he's played and some for the way he's acted in front of the microphone. But if you're going to come at him with an editorial cartoon, at least come strong.

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