On Tuesday, Kansas City Chiefs cornerback Bashaud Breeland was arrested on five counts in York County, South Carolina: resisting arrest, the transport of alcohol in a motor vehicle with a broken seal, open container of beer or wine in motor vehicle, possession of 28 grams or less of marijuana or 10 grams of hash, and driving without a license. 

Breeland recently signed a one-year, $4.5 million contract to remain with the Chiefs, and early Wednesday morning, he took to Twitter to explain the arrest and proclaim his innocence. 

"Lot of people wanna speculate on my situation and don't know the facts. I really was at a gas pump got approach by two guys, police pulled up they throw something (in) my car as police pulled up which the cop saw and I was the one detained wit charges that really shouldn't be charged. I'm not fighting to clear a name I don't care wat [sic] people think, I know the truth, innocent until proven guilty."

According to the police report acquired by Matt Connolly of The State, Breeland "pushed" a deputy as he was resisting arrest while calling himself a "marijuana enthusiast." Breeland and two other males were allegedly seen smoking marijuana at the gas station where the confrontation occurred. 

A deputy saw one of the suspects throw a small blunt into the back of Breeland's car, according to the report, and the deputy "smelled a strong odor of marijuana emitting from each suspect." After Breeland was told that he was being detained, he tried to flee the scene, according to the police report. After pushing the deputy, Breeland hopped in his vehicle and allegedly refused to follow orders. While in the car and refusing to follow orders, the deputy then drew his firearm -- which caused Breeland to put his hands into the air. Neither the officer's gun nor taser were fired during the episode. 

After Breeland was in handcuffs, a search of his vehicle yielded a large marijuana blunt, another 3.2 grams of marijuana in Breeland's door, two open bottles of beer and an open bottle of Patron. Breeland gave deputies permission to look through his phone and they found "several communications about drug transactions," according to the report. Breeland is alleged to have sent several messages to dealers placing orders of large quantities of marijuana.

Breeland is coming off of a big season with the Chiefs, where he recorded 48 combined tackles, eight passes defensed and two interceptions. Kansas City of course went on to defeat the San Francisco 49ers, 31-20, in Super Bowl LIV. In that game, Breeland recorded seven combined tackles, one pass defensed and one interception. fHe apparently says he's taking credit for someone else's mistake, and that the truth will come out soon. According to the Kansas City Star, the Chiefs are aware of the situation. 

In 83 combined games, Breeland has recorded 338 combined tackles, 72 passes defensed and 12 interceptions for three different teams.