When Pat McAfee spotted J.J. Watt innocently hanging out on Twitter and casually responding to fans on Wednesday, the Colts punter knew he had an opening. Somehow, perhaps, he could turn Watt against the Texans.

No, that wasn't possible. But maybe he could at least convince Watt to stop killing the Colts.

McAfee spotted that opening.

And he capitalized on the chance.

By my count, Watt has recorded nine sacks in 10 games against the Colts. So, it's not the worst idea. Maybe, as a bonus lesson, McAfee can even teach Watt how to recreate the worst fake punt in the history of football. And, if we're lucky, Watt will Snapchat the entire lesson.

If you're wondering what will happen if Watt doesn't take up McAfee's offer and retires within the next 20 years, it sounds like he's deciding between coaching high school football and acting.

McAfee, on the other hand, might want to consider making comedy his full-time job. He already sometimes moonlights as a comedian.

Not many teams like facing J.J. Watt. The Colts are no exception. (USATSI)