Some great news has arrived for Von Miller and the Denver Broncos as the calendar flips to May. The perennial Pro Bowl pass rusher revealed weeks ago he had been diagnosed with COVID-19, joining New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton and Los Angeles Rams center Brian Allen as those in the NFL who've shared the unfortunate and terrifying news. With the latter two on the mend and Payton, more specifically, seemingly recovered and in excellent spirits, Miller can now share similar encouraging news. 

Miller, 31, announced on Thursday he's officially free of the coronavirus based on his latest round of tests. The Broncos edge rusher says it began with a minor symptom he normally wouldn't have given an added thought to. But considering the current pandemic and the fact Miller suffers from asthma -- making him that much more vulnerable -- he opted to get tested, and that's when he was given the bad news.

"I'm feeling better," said Miller in mid-April as he began his recovery, via 3rd Hour of Today. "It all started with just a simple cough and it got worse. I also have asthma -- and my girlfriend was telling me that I wasn't sounding normal, and I should try my nebulizer. So I did, I tried the nebulizer which I do before football games and before practice regularly, but this time was different. It really didn't work like it should. 

"I waited another day, the cough still didn't go away, and my assistant said 'Why don't you just go get tested? There's no harm in getting tested.' I went down the street and got tested and two days later my doctor called me and said that I had a positive result for COVID-19."

What also floored him was the fact he was honoring local stay-at-home orders, noting he returned to his home in Denver in mid-March and rarely ever left the house, taking added precautions whenever he did. 

"I was shocked," he said. "We have been taking this seriously since day one. I started in San Francisco training where I normally train, and San Francisco was one of the first cities to have a stay-at-home order. Right when San Francisco had the stay-at-home order, we made the decision to come back to Denver. 

"... I probably left the house four times. With all of those four times, I never got out of the car, it was just to drive to pick up food and come back home. So I really just have been taking it seriously, staying at home -- of course I have had people come in and out like workers, maids and people who come in and do the plumbing -- just everyday stuff but it was really nothing crazy. I had a cough and here we are today."

The news of Miller having contracted the virus comes at a time when many are trying to figure out if the NFL will begin the regular season on time, and what it would look like if it did. Some believe it could be delayed, but commissioner Roger Goodell hasn't made such a proclamation, and is entertaining all possibilities -- including playing in empty stadiums. Due to the timing of the pandemic, the NFL hasn't been forced into a suspended or canceled season like the rest of major and minor league sports, but it has been forced to cancel early offseason conditioning and to replace it with a virtual offseason.

Payton has taken the added step of canceling the Saints virtual offseason as well as any potential minicamp -- even if facilities are allowed to re-open prior to June -- instead telling his players and staff to "focus on their family and health" during these trying times.

For Miller, however the NFL decides to peel back its restrictions, it's all about doing it the right way and at the right time.

"Whatever is safe," said Miller in April. "That will always be my first precaution ... to do whatever is safe. Whatever we have to do to get things back to normal that's what we should do. We shouldn't move too fast, just do whatever is safe."