Jimmy Johnson doesn't coach the Cowboys anymore, but if he did, there wouldn't be any controversy at the quarterback position when Tony Romo returns, and that's because Johnson would leave Romo on the bench.

Just two weeks after saying that Romo should keep his job, Johnson changed his mind Sunday and said that the Cowboys should move forward with Dak Prescott.

The former Cowboys coach, who won two Super Bowls in Dallas, explained why exactly he would go with Prescott over Romo.

"Initially, I was for Romo, but watching Prescott against Cincinnati, it's his football team," Johnson said on Fox NFL Sunday. "Romo should be the best, most talented, most expensive backup in the league."

Johnson made his comments before the Cowboys beat the Packers on Sunday. The former coach's remarks are basically the opposite of what he said on Oct. 3.

"Against the great teams, against the real good teams in the league, they're not good enough defensively to live with their offensive approach right now," Johnson said at the time. "Tony Romo gives them the big plays."

This time around, not only did Johnson turn on Romo, but he also made fun of the quarterback's uncanny ability to turn the ball over at critical moments.

"Romo can make big plays, but sometimes those big plays, they were for the other team," Johnson said, referring to Romo's crunch-time interceptions. "And lack of practice time, the injury situation, those big plays are going to be multiplied for the other team. He should be on the bench and come off the bench."

As for Dak, Johnson says he's the ideal quarterback for the Cowboys offense.

"Prescott's a perfect guy for this team: He's a running threat, he's healthy," Johnson said. "He protects the football and he keeps that defense out of bad situations."

The good news for the Cowboys is that they don't have to make a decision right this second. The team is on a bye this week, which means Jerry Jones is probably going to huddle with Jason Garrett and figure out who should be the team's starting quarterback for the second half of the season.

Although Romo is 15-4 in his last 19 starts, ditching Dak after a 5-1 start would be borderline crazy, and the Cowboys probably realize that, so don't be surprised if Prescott starts for the rest of the season.