Turns out the jersey number drama between the newest Atlanta Falcons running back and Hall of Famer Deion Sanders was all just jokes between two friends. Gurley joined the team this offseason and was met immediately with a minor problem. He wore No. 30 with the Los Angeles Rams and came into Atlanta with an issue a lot of players have when they join a new team: someone there is already sporting your number. Falcons' Qadree Ollison wears it to honor his late brother who was killed in a shooting two years ago, so Gurley was not going to try to buy it off him like players in every league have been known to do.

Gurley instead decided No. 21 would be a good fit. It's not taken by anyone on the team, it complies with the set of numbers running backs can choose from in the league and he must have liked the way it looked on a jersey next to his name. He did run into one initial obstacle, however, as Sanders, who spent five seasons with the Falcons, apparently did not want him taking the number he used to wear on the team. 

Gurley said in an interview, "Prime was hating on me. He told me don't wear it."

Apparently, these two just like to joke, and Sanders has nothing but respect for Gurley, Prime Time eventually gave him the blessing to wear his famous number. After a fan called the situation "tacky," saying Atlanta was trying to erase Prime Time's legacy, Sanders cleared the air with a tweet:

"Thank u for your love but it ain't that deep to me. I was joking with @TG3II I love that youngsta and proud that he will represent it right. I love these kids that play today and wish them all well.  "A NUMBER DIDN'T MAKE PRIME PRIME MADE THE NUMBER. #Truth Man they have a DEION"

Gurley responded to the tweet saying, "Prime we both know it's all Love OG it wouldn't be us if we didn't tell jokes about the situation lol. I Appreciate and love you," ending the message with a goat emoji. 

Next season, Gurley will run out wearing No. 21. When you see it, don't panic... it was approved by the two-time Super Bowl champ.