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The Dallas Cowboys may have lost their MVP in Week 5, when quarterback Dak Prescott suffered a season-ending ankle injury. But if you ask one team legend, they're about as well positioned as can be with Andy Dalton set to take over under center. Longtime Cowboys pass rusher DeMarcus Ware joined Will Brinson and "Fantasy Football Today" for a special Twitch watch party during Dallas' win over the New York Giants, and the future Hall of Famer wasted no time touting Dalton's upside.

"He was a beast," Ware said of Dalton, recalling his days playing the former Cincinnati Bengals QB. "He's one of those guys where ... somebody's gotten hurt and that second-string guy goes in and balls out ... We wish (Dak) well, you're praying for him, but now you've got another guy who can still get the job done in Andy Dalton."

Outside of 2019 in Cincinnati, when he was relegated to backup duties, Dalton has always been a starter rather than an emergency No. 1 off the bench. But Ware said he views the Cowboys' new starter as the kind of veteran who can follow in the footsteps of other successful backup-turned-starter stories like Drew Bledsoe, Tom Brady and Tony Romo.

"He's gonna be throwing that football," Ware said. "Andy Dalton has to be the new leader."

As for Prescott, Ware was quite a bit more emotional while reacting live to the QB's injury.

"That's one of those plays when you're watching a football game, you don't want that to happen to any other player," he said. "My heart's pounding right now. Seeing a guy get hurt like that, this is one of those freak injuries."

Not only that, but Ware said the location of Prescott's injury could prove even more unfortunate when the former Pro Bowler is finally ready to retake the field sometime in 2021.

"As a quarterback, that's actually his plant foot," he said. "Not only do you (have to) rehab from that, but now you gotta go back and plant, every single play, on that same right ankle."