Deshaun Watson has been wearing the same number since his college days at Clemson, but when he got traded to the Browns back in March, he was hit with a small problem: That number (four) wasn't available. 

At the time, Browns linebacker Anthony Walker was wearing the number and it wasn't clear if he was going to be willing to give it up. As it turns out, though, there was no number drama in Cleveland because Walker had no attachment to four. 

"Deshaun said he was coming to Cleveland, I texted him 10 seconds later and said, 'Welcome to Cleveland, No. 4.' That was it," Walker said on Wednesday when he was asked how the number switch happened. 

Instead of wearing four, Walker decided to wear No. 5 for the upcoming season.  

Although NFL players have proven over the years that they will pay an exorbitant sum to get their favorite number, Watson didn't have to pay anything because Walker didn't want anything in return. The story could have ended there, but it didn't, because Watson decided to get his teammate a gift anyway and he presented that gift on Wednesday. 

While Walker was meeting with the media, Watson interrupted the press conference and here's what happened: 

If you're wondering what's in the box, it's a Rolex watch. Yes, a Rolex watch. 

Not only did Walker get a watch, but Watson also threw in a few other gifts. For one, Watson donated $50,000 to a high school in Florida where Walker's dad works, according to Watson has also promised to buy Walker a set of suits that he can wear before each game this season. 

Walker is very aware of what's going on outside the locker room with Watson, who is facing 22 civil lawsuits for sexual misconduct, but the linebacker is happy to have the quarterback on his team. 

"I think he does a good job coming in every day and leaving outside, outside and coming in and focusing on football while he's here," Walker said. "I can't speak on anything else, but I know when he's here, he's locked in and happy to be back on the field and we're happy to have him as our quarterback. He's confident, looks good throwing the ball and I know what he does on game day."

Watson isn't the first player to send an extravagant gift to a teammate for giving up a number. In 1995, Deion Sanders bought a BMW for a teammate for letting him have 21. If you want to read about some other ridiculous number deals, then be sure to click here