The Dallas Cowboys cut Dez Bryant and, even with the receiver's diminished production, it sent the world into a frenzy about his next landing spot, because of how "personal" the whole thing felt to Dez. (In his defense: they could have cut him much sooner and helped him out on his next contract.) 

Bryant noted he would love to play for an NFC East team, mainly so he can square off against the Cowboys two times per year. And he told Mike Fisher of 105.3 the Fan for 247 Sports that the Giants look pretty appealing and he's impressed with their offense. 

"The Giants got a helluva defense, they're going to pay OBJ [fellow wideout and pal Odell Beckham Jr.], so coming back. Playing with him, Sterling [Shepard] ... the tight end [Evan Engram], [QB Eli] Manning? Crazy," Bryant said. "They draft [Penn State running back Saquon Barkley with the No. 2 overall pick]? That'd be crazy!"

Bad news for Dez: If the Giants add Barkley with the No. 2 pick, they're going to be good on offense with or without him. But certainly he could help provide another red-zone threat. You notice he didn't mention Brandon Marshall, right? He would likely be a Marshall replacement if he went to New York. 

Bryant basically breaks down all his possible destinations in conversations with Fisher, which you can read in full here. The Jaguars are on the list of teams he would consider and he sounded enthusiastic about it. That might be a good fit, but as Ryan Wilson and I discussed on the Pick Six Podcast recently, he would have to be really willing to see less targets coming his way. 

Not on the list? The Green Bay Packers. Bryant believes there would be "too much history."

"It wouldn't seem right,'' Dez said (smiling). "Too much history."

He's referring to The Catch, of course, the playoff loss to the Packers in Green Bay when he caught a pass from Tony Romo but was ruled to have not maintained possession. The NFL changed the rule this offseason; Dez would have caught it if that play happened during the 2018 NFL playoffs. Ruling out Green Bay feels a little foolish, what with Aaron Rodgers there and all. 

Of note from other teams:

Dez has always rooted for the Raiders. He would look cool in the uniforms, for whatever that's worth.

Fisher sees the 49ers as a "playbook match" with Dez.

Dez might not think winning a Super Bowl with the Patriots would be "special." He wants the Super Bowl he wins wherever he goes to be "special." OK! 

This is where you start to sort of realize that maybe Dez has a different view of his market value than other teams do. He doesn't want to play for the Packers because he once lost a playoff game in Green Bay. He doesn't want to play for the Patriots because they win too many Super Bowls. Those aren't good reasons for avoiding potential title teams. 

Bryant's market is going to be deflated, and not just because he's older and his statistics in recent years aren't great. It doesn't help him that the Cowboys released him when they did. Teams have spent their money and filled out their depth charts. Bryant will land somewhere, but his wish list may be a bit unreasonable once all is said and done.