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Miami Dolphins wide receiver Tyreek Hill is all in for his new quarterback Tua Tagovailoa and he is once again commenting on No. 1's abilities. Hill has never been one to shy away from saying what he feels, and this offseason he has spoken at length about his faith in Tagovailoa's on-field abilities.

On Monday, Hill was asked what factors contributed to him choosing the Dolphins over the New York Jets while on ESPN's First Take.

"(Jets quarterback) Zach Wilson is a dog, but I'd rather play with the most accurate quarterback in the NFL," Hill said. 

When asked to clarify and expand on his comments, Hill dove into what he has seen from Tua.

"I mean obviously, Tua, he's not your typical gunslinger, but if you were to just pay attention to his game, everything is spot on, everything is pinpoint. Ya know, ball is on time. His fundamentals are on point ... Tua, he's a (expletive) heck of a competitor. He's a hell of a hard worker," the Cheetah said.

Hill added that he is excited to work with Tua, someone he clearly has high standards for.

The WR might not be too far off, even though his comments seem like hot takes. On short passes last season, Tagovailoa led the league in accuracy with a percentage of 71.3%, according to PFF. He went 129-for-169 for 1,025 yards, seven touchdowns and two interceptions on passing ranging from 1 to 9 yards. 

Now his completion percentage on the other hand, is not No. 1. 

While some may see this as a supportive teammate, it is a lot of pressure to put on the 24-year-old quarterback who has yet to do anything spectacular in his career.

Since he was drafted with the fifth overall pick in the 2020 draft, Tagovailoa has been injured, benched and has missed the playoffs. There is no counting out his potential as he finds his footing in the league, but Hill's comments have put a bright spotlight on the former first-round pick.

Hill has already called Tua more accurate than his previous quarterback, Kansas City Chiefs' Patrick Mahomes and said Tua has "one of the prettiest balls I've ever caught in my life."