The Denver Broncos have spent plenty of time in the offseason rumor mill, especially when it comes to quarterbacks. Even now the club is at the center of any sort of trade speculation regarding reigning NFL MVP Aaron Rodgers, who has reportedly told those around the Green Bay Packers organization that he does not want to play for the team anymore. If there was a quarterback possibly available, more often than not the Broncos were among the teams mentioned as a possible landing spot. Even as the NFL Draft rolled by on the league calendar, there was thought of Denver possibly addressing that need with a young prospect as they owned the No. 9 overall pick. 

While the club has yet to make that big splash, it did go out and acquire veteran signal-caller Teddy Bridgewater, who'll now compete with Drew Lock for the starting spot this coming season. As for Denver's 2020 starter in Lock, he told reporters on Monday that was unbothered by the offseason speculation of the club improving at his position and effectively outing him as the clear-cut starter simply because he didn't pay any attention to it. 

"I would like to think the reason no one has said anything to me is because they are probably the really close people to me in my life and they understand that it's no worth their time either," Lock said, via the official team website. "Whatever happens, happens. They know I'm working hard, and that's all they're concerned about. Not what's being said here, what's being said there, what's being said here. If anyone did say something to me, I think it was a zero text back or no call back because they probably weren't in my really tight circle and there was no need for me to respond."

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Part of the reason Lock was able to tune out most of the offseason chatter was because the third-year quarterback immersed himself in on-field work in hopes of being able to fend off a newcomer or -- in the event he departed the organization -- fight for a new job elsewhere in the league. 

"I decided that I was going to develop a plan this offseason," he said. "It was going to be really long days, but it was going to be worth every single second of it because regardless of what happened, if I stayed here, I left or they brought someone in, my mindset was not going to change wherever I went. If I went somewhere or if I stayed here, I was going to be the guy. I put every single ounce [into] that this offseason. Being able to do that gave me zero time to listen to all of this stuff. Maybe I'll go back one day, read and laugh about things that were being said by people who ended up being completely wrong."

While the jury is still out on what may or may not happen to the quarterback currently residing in Green Bay, the current objective for Lock is to show coach Vic Fangio and the rest of the Broncos decision-makers that he's the best option of what they have at the moment. That means, beating out Bridgewater over these next few months.