Not too long ago, LeSean McCoy played for the Eagles, functioning as their most explosive and dependable offensive player. And then Chip Kelly and his damn smoothies came along. In March 2015, Kelly exiled McCoy to Buffalo. And thus, a new feud was born.

Even though McCoy has thrived with the Bills and Kelly has since been exiled by the NFL, the McCoy-Kelly feud lives on. During an appearance on NFL Network on Sunday morning, mere hours before the Eagles host the Vikings in the NFC Championship Game, McCoy took a shot at Kelly after professing his love for Philadelphia.

"I got a lot of love for Philadelphia now that the little short coach is with the kids where he belongs," McCoy said, via Pro Football Talk.

Spoiler alert: "The little short coach" that McCoy referenced is Kelly, who is coaching "the kids" down at UCLA now. 

The only problem for McCoy? He's listed on the Bills' website as 5-foot-11. It turns out, it's actually rather difficult to find out how tall Kelly is. The American Football Wiki page -- hardly a verified source -- lists him as 6-foot. Kelly's exact height is irrelevant, because a quick Twitter search shows that Kelly and McCoy are nearly identical heights. At the very least, they're within a few inches of each other, which detracts from McCoy's otherwise sick burn:

Moving on, it's not surprising to discover that McCoy still dislikes Kelly. McCoy actually thrived under Kelly in 2013 and 14, totaling 3,620 yards and 16 touchdowns from scrimmage during the Eagles' consecutive 10-win seasons, but Kelly traded McCoy to Buffalo in March 2015 for linebacker Kiko Alonso. It didn't work out well for Kelly and the Eagles. While McCoy has maintained his superstar caliber of play, Kelly's tryst with McCoy's replacement, DeMarco Murray, ended in disaster. Kelly didn't survive the 2015 season, getting canned in December. He wound up as the 49ers coach, but only lasted a season, though his lack of success there had more to do with the overall talent of the roster (bad) than coaching. UCLA hired Kelly in November. Meanwhile, Alonso is now with the Dolphins.

The beef has been ongoing for years, but it's been entirely one-sided as McCoy has done all the talking. McCoy ... 

That's pretty much the gist of it. Now, we can add another quote to the list thanks to McCoy's comments on Thursday.