Whatever Ezekiel Elliott is doing in Mexico to stay in shape, it seems to be working. 

According to ESPN.com, the Cowboys running back has shed so many pounds during his time in Cabo that his weight is now down into the low 220s, which is several pounds below his playing weight from the 2018 season (228). It's also the lowest Elliott has weighed at any point since his rookie year. 

Zeke's new weight is also nearly 10 pounds lower than what he weighed in April. Remember, it was just four months ago that Cowboys nation went into a panic after a photo surfaced that appeared to show an overweight Zeke. To prove he wasn't overweight, Elliott jumped on a scale and showed the world that he only weighed 230. 

If Elliott is now down into the low 220s, that means he's lost 6-to-9 pounds since April. 

The fact that Zeke's weight is now down that low probably won't come as a shock to Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. Just this week, Jones had said that he expected Elliott to stay in "great shape" during his time away from the team. 

"Zeke has the ability to just completely hit the ground running, if I may use that," Jones said. "He has that, and we expect that. He says it, and I believe him, that he's in great shape. So I don't think that'll be an issue when he does come back."

Elliott must have found the perfect trainer or the perfect diet or the fountain of youth in Cabo, because he always seems to be in stupendous shape after a trip to Mexico. Back in 2016, Elliott spent six weeks training in Cabo while he was suspended and he came back with a six-pack (Not a six-pack of a Corona, but an actual six-pack). 

Elliott came back from Cabo with a six-pack in 2016.  NBC

Basically, the Cowboys might want to let Elliott permanently train in Cabo. 

As for his holdout, it's starting to look like that won't be ending anytime soon. Not only has Elliott missed nearly three full weeks of training camp, but he'll be missing his second game of the preseason on Saturday. 

So should the Cowboys give into his demands?

We debated both sides of that question this week with Jared Dubin arguing that the Cowboys shouldn't overpay for Elliott. On the other hand, our Patrik Walker feels that the Cowboys should give in and make Elliott the highest-paid running back in NFL history