NFL: Preseason-New York Jets at Atlanta Falcons
Brett Davis / USA TODAY Sports

Three weeks after reportedly reaching an impasse in contract negotiations with the New York Jets, All-Pro safety Jamal Adams doesn't appear any closer to getting the long-term deal he desires. As noted by Bleacher Report's Connor Rogers, Adams took to Instagram on Friday to endorse a potentially lucrative extension for the Cleveland Browns' Myles Garrett, as well as criticize the Jets for their failure to apparently make him even a single extension offer.

"Well deserved," Adams wrote of Garrett, commenting on a Bleacher Report post. "I can't even get my first proposal that they said they would send over in January ... I was called 'selfish,' though! A lot of talk, no action."

Adams' apparent discontent is nothing new, even if this is the first time he's alleged the Jets retreated on a plan to offer a deal earlier this offseason. The former first-round draft pick has publicly questioned New York's front office on multiple occasions since general manager Joe Douglas admitted to fielding trade inquiries about the safety during the 2019 season. With family reportedly pushing him to seek a move out of town, Adams is believed to want a change of scenery in the event he can't strike a big-money deal ahead of the 2020 season.

While Douglas has several times admitted the Jets will listen to offers for Adams, they reportedly also remain intent on keeping the Pro Bowler for the long term. The holdup on an extension is that New York prefers to wait until after 2020 to finalize an agreement, seeing as though the team still has Adams under control through at least two more seasons.

The most recent reports regarding Adams' availability to other teams suggests the Jets are asking for at least a first- and third-round pick in return for the 24-year-old defender.