Joe Namath, like most of the Jets fans out there, does not like what he sees from the on-field product this season. On Sunday, New York fell to 1-2 on the season in what was a largely lifeless performance against New England. Specifically, the ire of Namath and the rest of Gang Green was directed at the offense and quarterback Zach Wilson, who led another uninspiring effort. 

For most of the game, the Jets were unable to register over 100 yards of total offense and Wilson was not seeing the field well, nor was he making the proper reads. That drew a visceral reaction from Namath in real-time as the Hall of Fame quarterback and Jets legend was posting on X throughout the game and relaying his disdain for what he was watching unfold. 

Namath carried over the emotions he felt throughout that game when he appeared on "The Michael Kay Show" on Monday.

"No, I didn't take anything positive out of it yesterday," Namath started when asked by the host if there was anything positive they could take out of the game. "It was awful." 

Wilson was 18 of 36 passing for 157 yards in the loss. Most of that yardage came during a lone spark in the second half, which resulted in an 87-yard touchdown drive. However, Wilson made a number of critical mistakes in this game, including taking a sack in the end zone that resulted in a safety and checked down to the flat on a fourth-and-10 attempt on the ensuing drive that had zero hope of being converted. 

"I wouldn't keep him," Namath said when asked what the team should do with Wilson. "I've seen enough of Zach Wilson. I've seen enough. Has quick feet. Can throw a little bit. But I don't believe what's going up there [in his head]." 

But Namath didn't put just Wilson in the crosshairs as he also posted on social media and told Kay that the coaching is also a major issue and should be looked at by ownership. 

"For this fan," Namath said referring to himself, "they need to make major changes from top to bottom. Change." 

When asked if that includes head coach Robert Saleh being part of the problem, Namath bluntly said, "Yes."

Salah has continued to hold firm that he and the Jets locker room is behind Wilson as the starter ever since Aaron Rodgers went down with his Achilles injury. However, Namath isn't buying that everyone on the roster -- particularly on defense -- agrees with the team not pursuing another QB. 

"How can a coach say the locker room's together?" he said. "Are you telling me there aren't some cats on the defensive side saying 'Woah, man. What's wrong with you?' There's not all harmony in the locker room. And if there is they need to get rid of the people. You've got to get people in there that are competitors and want to fight to win. These guys don't have to be in love with each other. And if they're saying they're in love with each other, they're B.S.-ing you and you've got to get rid of them, top to bottom."

The Jets will take on the defending Super Bowl champion Chiefs in Week 4 before traveling to Denver for a Week 5 matchup with the Broncos and heading back home to face the Eagles in Week 6. If things continue down the same path they are once they hit the Week 7 bye, it'll be interesting to see if Saleh and the Jets are singing the same tune about Wilson as their unquestioned starter.