Harbaugh's cameo as Screech's cousin. (YouTube.com)

There aren't many good moments in the history of Saved by the Bell: The New Class. Watching anything more than about 30 seconds of the show will rot your brain. But seeing 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh stop in for a cameo is well worth the pain of sitting through some bad television.

Harbaugh, the Colts quarterback at the time, plays the role of Screech's cousin -- as himself. Screech dialed up Harbaugh to help out Bayside's selfish football star who somehow egged and did his touchdown dance at midfield during a game, costing his team a win.

The fun starts at the 15:20 mark:

"Being famous doesn't make you a hero," Harbaugh says.

Mrs. Brinson and I watched the clip a few times and what we're wondering is, how did Harbaugh end up doing this? Did Mr. Belding save his life in middle school? Did he get in trouble with the law and have to do community service? Did he actually get paid for this?

And perhaps more importantly: how did SBTB: The New Class last SEVEN SEASONS? And why is someone suddenly uploading entire episodes of the show to its own dedicated YouTube channel?

Whatever, that pointless exercise brought us this glorious cameo. And someone better ask Harbaugh about it at his next media session.

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