At some point on Tuesday afternoon, a slew of Johnny Manziel pictures popped up on the internet, depicting the former Browns quarterback apparently traveling to Cabo while wearing a Josh Gordon Browns jersey.

Manziel's travel plans were confirmed later in the day, when photos of him in a gigantic mansion also emerged. Manziel posted a picture of himself on Instagram, trolling everyone, including his father Paul, who previously called the young man a "druggie."

Hashtag Hi Dad.

Also included in that picture? The phrase, "Just wait on this comeback!"

No one actually believes Manziel is going to make a run at an NFL team this year -- most teams are riding out the final vestiges of vacation and preparing for training camp in the coming weeks and months. Manziel is living on a permanent vacation.

But he's got a plan. According to TMZ, the former Heisman Trophy winner says he's about to go "completely sober."

TMZ also posted a Snapchat photo from a girl staying at the house who was holding several bags of white powder and sunscreen with the caption, "Cabo ready! Just kidding I would never!"

Manziel told the site the drugs are "absolutely not mine" and he doesn't "even know that girl."

According to TMZ, he also said he is "not doing any drugs in Mexico and says he's going completely sober starting July 1. No booze, eating right and training like crazy."

Manziel says he's ready to get back to work but needs to party one more time, apparently.

What's weird about this plan is his decision to go to Cabo and then stop partying on the Friday before July 4th. If anything, you would think next Friday (or maybe just Tuesday) would be the drop-dead date for him throwing down.

Regardless, it isn't particularly likely that Manziel picking an early July sobriety date is going to dramatically impress a bunch of NFL teams.