On Wednesday, Giants wide receiver Kenny Golladay let the world know he was none too pleased with his two offensive snaps in Week 2's win against the Panthers.

Just before he spoke to reporters, Golladay also went out and had what multiple sources tell me was his best practice in a Giants uniform to date.

It represents an NFL version of the chicken-or-egg debate: Was Golladay finally motivated enough to produce a solid day of practice, or did he realize that head coach Brian Daboll's policy that one must earn playing time in practice applied just as much to him as everyone else?

Golladay had two catches for 22 yards in the Week 1 win against the Titans, but he only saw the field for two offensive snaps against the Panthers in Week 2. He didn't record a stat in the win.

Whether he needed the proverbial kick in the rear or he understood Daboll's "practice well to play" mandate, the result was the type of No. 1 receiver play the Giants have been yearning for from him.

Asked Wednesday after practice if he'd like a change of scenery, Golladay told reporters: "We're going to see how it goes. Yeah, we're going to see how it goes."

The Giants couldn't cut him in the offseason because they wouldn't have saved any money against the cap. Coming off a 37-catch, zero-touchdown season last year, no team was trading for him.

One NFL team executive said Golladay's lack of production the last year-plus makes his contract untradeable. He's due another $11 million or so this year, plus $13.25 million and $14.25 million in non-guaranteed base salary in 2023 and 2024, respectively.

Further, he's due a $4.5 million roster bonus in 2023 that is injury guaranteed. So any significant injury suffered now could trigger that number to be guaranteed next year as well.

I'm told that just as the Giants aren't going to play him (or anyone) because of the size of their contract, they also aren't going to sit someone because of their deal. In the simplest of terms, Golladay had not done enough at practice to earn playing time.

Daboll had been clear about that with Kadarius Toney, and the young receiver took it in stride as we documented last week. Golladay … a different story.

Golladay has been hampered by injuries since he signed the four-year, $72 million deal in 2021. Not a player known for his separation, one league source speculated the injuries have shaved his margin for error down even more.

Daboll appeared nonplussed by Golladay's comments. He wants his players to fight to get on the field. I don't get the impression that the head coach will hold against Golladay his Wednesday comments, and instead whatever he gets on the field Monday night will have been earned in practice.