Veteran offensive lineman Kyle Long is having himself quite a week at Chicago Bears training camp, and things have gotten pretty nasty -- in a variety of ways.

Training camp fights are a staple of the NFL preseason, and it's not that uncommon for the fights to involve players on the same team. Tensions spike in the heat of camp and sometimes things get nasty -- it happens.

What isn't very common, however, is to see one player get in two fights in a span of four days. But Long just so happened to accomplish that feat this week. Not only did he throw down with Akiem Hicks on Sunday, but he also went after rookie defensive lineman Jalen Dalton on Wednesday.

The latter fight was particularly wild, as it not only featured Long attempting to beat up Dalton with his own helmet, but it also concluded with Long throwing up on the sidelines. For what it's worth, that is also pretty rare!

It's unclear what provoked Long to lose it to such an extent on Dalton, but it's definitely clear that he does not have a lot of patience left in the tank this preseason. Good thing there are still three weeks left. What could go wrong?

Bears coach Matt Nagy didn't seem all that bothered by Long's fight on Sunday, or a scrum on Tuesday between Javon Wims and Prince Amukamara which the coach dubbed a "pillow fight." But Nagy seemed rather annoyed with the level of violence that came out of Wednesday's incident, calling it "disappointing" and saying "we're more mature than that."

At least Nagy wasn't the only one who couldn't really stomach the fight, as evidenced by Long losing his lunch all over the sideline. The vet may want to take a chill pill before sessions moving forward, or at least something to keep his stomach settled.