The Lions probably won't be trash-talking the Packers on Twitter for the rest of the offseason after what happened this week.

In the world of social media, people love to celebrate #FlashbackFriday by posting an old video or picture. The Lions decided to get on the action this week, but with one small difference: They went with #NotAFacemaskFriday and tweeted the GIF below.

If you can't quite tell where that GIF is from, let me refresh your memory: It's from the Packers-Lions game in Week 13.

Detroit's Devin Taylor was called for facemasking Aaron Rodgers on the final timed play of the game, which allowed the Packers to run one more play, because a game can't end on a defensive penalty.

The Packers decided to celebrate #FlashbackFriday by reminding the Lions what happened on the very next play.

That's a mic drop. The Lions probably won't be celebrating #NotAFacemaskFriday ever again.

Things didn't end there, though. The Packers decided to throw in another tweet for good measure.

The second tweet wasn't quite a Hail Mary, but it was probably more painful for Lions fans.

That's Brett Favre hitting Sterling Sharpe with a 40-yard touchdown pass with 55 seconds left in a January 1994 wild-card playoff game. Thanks to the touchdown, the Packers would beat the Lions 28-24. It's been 22 years and the Lions still haven't won a playoff game.

Basically, the Packers social media team went straight for the jugular with those two tweets.

Anyway, this probably means no more #FlashbackFridays for the Lions.

This Aaron Rodgers Hail Mary is not a fond memory for Lions fans. USATSI