The NFL's "Color Rush" campaign is turning into a nightmare for color-blind people.

The idea behind the campaign was to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the league's first-ever TV game shown in color. However, in a twist of irony, many people aren't able to see any of the colors on the field in the Jets-Bills game because 13 million Americans are red/green color blind -- and red and green just happen to be the only two colors on the field. 

For color-blind people trying to watch Thursday's game, everything looks kind of like this. 

Generally, an NFL game has one team in white and another team wearing its home color. However, the NFL teamed up with Nike this year for the "Color Rush", which will feature four Thursday games where both teams wear colors and no one wears white. 

The color rush started on Thursday night with the Jets wearing green and the Bills wearing all-red for the first time in team history. 

According to the National Eye Institute, about 8 percent of men can't tell the difference between the two teams because they're red/green color-blind

Some of that 8 percent took to Twitter on Thursday night to let the NFL know they're not happy about the situation. 

On the other hand, there are some people who are enjoying the Christmas-colored uniforms, like Odell Beckham

The NFL's "Color Rush" campaign is expected to continue in 2016 and if the Jets and Bills are scheduled to play on Thursday again, it's probably a safe bet they won't be wearing the same colors they wore in this game. 

Color-blind people are not enjoying the Jets-Bills game. (USATSI)
Color-blind people are not enjoying the Jets-Bills game. (USATSI)