There were some big hits during the first half of the Chiefs-Patriots game on Thursday, but surprisingly, the biggest hit of the half didn't come from a defensive player, it came from Patriots running back James White

Near the end of the first quarter, White took a pitch from Tom Brady and immediately turned into a steamroller as he made his way toward the sideline. After watching White run for about 3 yards, Chiefs' cornerback Terrance Mitchell came up to make the tackle, and let's just say, he was on the losing side of the collision. 

James White stiff-armed Terrance Mitchell into oblivion.  NBC/NFL


That stiff-arm actually ended up getting uglier for Mitchell because White ended up throwing him to the ground like a rag doll. 

The silver lining for Mitchell is that he kept White from getting a first down. On a second-and-5 play, White was only able to gain 4 yards on a drive that ended with a Stephen Gostkowski 25-yard field goal. 

White carried the ball a total of six times for 30 yards in the first two quarters of play. At the half, the Patriots were leading the Chiefs 17-14. 

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