Tom Brady wasn't the only Patriots player who left the country this week, Julian Edelman and Danny Amendola also went on a foreign trip, only it was slightly closer to home than Brady's trip to China. 

The two wide receivers flew south of the border to the capital of Mexico to take a tour of the city where their team will be playing against the Raiders in November. 

If you're planning on visiting Mexico City anytime soon, then you might want to start taking notes; you're probably going to want to do everything that Edelman and Amendola did on their trip. 

First, they wrestled, because if you're in Mexico, you have to wrestle. 

The two receivers went full Lucha Libre. 

They weren't just posing for pictures, either. 

Here's Amendola being tossed in the air. 

Danny "El Zorro" Amendola 😮 #PatriotsEnMexico 📷: @christian_palma / AP

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I'm betting Bill Belichick didn't sign off on that part of the trip. 

Besides wrestling, the two also found time to take a hot air balloon ride together. 

The hot air balloon took them from the Mexico City to Teotihuacan, where they toured two of the biggest pyramids on this side of the world (Pyramid of the Sun and Pyramid of the Moon). 

The two receivers also made some time to visit a cat sanctuary, because why not visit a cat sanctuary if you're in Mexico? 

Not only did they hang out with some lion cubs, but they also took a picture with a jaguar that was kind enough not to eat them.  

Chill cats. Ma-Tzu. 🇲🇽

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Seriously, there's no way Belichick signed off on this, right? 

The good news is that it appears this jaguar was as harmless as the NFL's Jaguars

Of course, the actual reason the two receivers went to Mexico City was to meet with Patriots fans who live in Mexico, and that's exactly what they did for part of their trip. 

If the video below is any indication, the Patriots are going to have quite a few fans in attendance when they play the Raiders on Nov. 19 at Azteca Stadium. (Note: The game will be televised by CBS, so you'll definitely want to watch.)

Let's goooooo Mexico City! 🇲🇽

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The next time these two hang out with Brady, it looks like they'll be able to swap travel stories. Amendola can tell Brady about being slammed by a lucha libre wrestler, and Brady can tell Amendola about the time he got destroyed by a sumo wrestler