Odell Beckham had a rough first quarter against the Packers on Sunday, and guess what, it was Justin Bieber's fault.

Sure, that might not be true, but that's what everyone on Twitter is saying, so we're going to run with it. After Beckham dropped two passes in the quarter, the Bieber jokes started flying, and they haven't stopped.

The reason that Bieber jokes are so popular right now is because Beckham and a few other teammates decided to go to Miami on Jan. 1 after the Giants beat the Redskins, even though pretty much everyone else on the team flew back to New York to get ready for the Giants' playoff game against the Packers.

Both of Beckham's drops in the first quarter were pretty ugly. The first one came on an easy third-and-5 play that would've given the Giants a first down inside of Green Bay's 30-yard line.

The second drop came on what would've been a 28-yard touchdown. Unfortunately for the Giants though, they didn't get the seven points because the throw went right through Beckham's hands.

After the second drop, the Bieber jokes and fast and furious on Twitter.

Through one quarter in Green Bay, Beckham had one catch for 11 yards and two drops on three targets. Despite Beckham's drops, the Giants are clinging to an early 6-0 lead.

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