Thursday is the start of the preseason and it is also Tom Brady's 40th birthday. The Patriots are still holding training camp, and they are doing it in full Brady birthday regalia on Thursday.

You are not walking in without realizing that Brady is oft-considered the G.O.A.T. (Greatest of All Time). 

Yes, that is a live goat. He is not the only one: there were actually five live goats on hand for a petting zoo to symbolize the five Super Bowl rings that Brady has secured for the Patriots organization.

It is the Greatest Petting Zoo of All Time (GPZOAT) apparently.

And, of course, fans are getting into the act. The Patriots set up a giant birthday card for Brady that fans can sign.

If you thought that Brady might take it easy because of his birthday, you were sorely mistaken. Brady, per James Palmer of NFL Network, was the first guy on the field.

This pairs nicely with a story that Rodney Harrison told about Brady when he was younger: Brady kept saying "Good afternoon!" to Harrison when he showed up to the gym after Brady. Harrison kept getting there earlier and earlier until finally he told Brady he wasn't coming in before 5:30 a.m. 

Most of us get older and worse at our jobs. Not Tom Brady. 40 years old and just GOATing it up all over the place as he heads into a season where the Patriots are projected as the Super Bowl favorites. 

Father Time is sitting in the corner of the ring getting his left eye stitched up.