Although the Rams and Chargers won't be moving into their new $2.6 billion stadium until 2020, we know what their new digs will look like thanks to a model of the stadium that was unveiled recently.   

The stadium, which doesn't have a name yet, is going to be the centerpiece of a 298-acre sports and entertainment district in Inglewood, California. 

Chris Hibbs, the chief revenue officer for the L.A. Stadium and Entertainment District, who's in charge of selling suites at the new venue, showed off a model of the new stadium. 

"This is on a different scale because everything about what [Rams owner Stan Kroenke] is doing is on a different scale," Hibbs said, via the Los Angeles Times. "This project is big and different in all positive ways."

Of course, even tough this project will be "big and different," it's also a football stadium and Hibbs says both teams are aware of that

"You have to make sure you have cold beer and great hot dogs and food options," Hibbs said. "Great sight lines and video boards that bring replays and Red Zone to life like no other building. All the things the typical NFL fan is looking for in a venue. This can't be all about the uniqueness of Hollywood. You have to have an environment that suits NFL fans and I think the architect, HKS, this is their fourth NFL building and they're doing the Pro Football Hall of Fame project so they're really uniquely suited to deal with that and I think we nailed it."

When Hibbs mentioned that the stadium will have "great sight lines," he's not kidding. Fans inside the stadium will be able to see the field from almost anywhere, even if they're not sitting in their seat. 

There likely won't be a bad seat in the house when the Rams' new stadium opens in 2020.  HKS Sports

The new stadium, which was originally scheduled to open in 2019, is now slated to open in time for the 2020 NFL season. The $2.6 billion palace is already scheduled to host several huge events including Super Bowl LVI in February 2022, and the opening ceremonies of the 2028 Olympics

Here's another look at the stadium model from KCBS-TV, the CBS affiliate in Los Angeles.