There is nothing cheap about attending the Super Bowl. It's an expensive proposition regardless of who's playing, once you factor in travel, lodging and the hefty price of the ticket. Super Bowl LI is no different, but the ticket prices are starting to become sort of reasonable after the market looked robust early on.

The Patriots-Falcons game, for whatever reason, saw a precipitous drop in terms of ticket prices.

Thanks to our friends at TicketCity, we can visualize that drop for you in a handy graph format.

via TicketCity

Things were rolling with the possibility of a Patriots-Cowboys matchup on the docket (and probably would have set records for prices) but took a fall when the Cowboys lost to the Packers. The prospective Steelers/Patriots-Packers/Falcons matchup meant at least some kind of good football matchup, which drove the price up.

But steadily throughout the week, there has been a decline -- perhaps a lack of movement in terms of sales -- and then this week the bottom fell out of the market.

Almost overnight the price dropped by nearly $1,700, and that's just the median price on the secondary market. You can suddenly get in the game for less than $2,000.

YearAverage PriceLargest SaleDate
2017 Super Bowl$3,009$74,928As of 1/31
2017 Super Bowl$3,050$74,9281/30
2017 Super Bowl$4,744$74,9281/26
2017 Super Bowl$5,650$74,9281/23
2017 Super Bowl$4,890$15,4321/16
2016 Super Bowl$4,000$23,913N/A
2015 Super Bowl$6,923$19,000N/A
2014 Super Bowl$2,069$13,530N/A
2013 Super Bowl$2,173$10,804N/A

As for specific prices, you can fire up TicketCity and get into the Super Bowl for under $2,000 -- the cheapest ticket was $1,982 (taxes, fees may apply, etc.). You can get into the lower level (end zone corner) for less than $3,000. Even the lower level 50-yard line seats were less than $5,000.

So if you're planning on a trip to the Super Bowl in your lifetime or you're a fan of the Patriots or Falcons who wants to see your team play but balked at high prices, now's a good time to start firing up a game plan.

Keep waiting and the market could drop even further, but the prices are already well within reason relative to what you expect to see from a Super Bowl.