Early in the New England Patriots' game against the Cleveland Browns on Sunday, tight end Martellus Bennett went down to the ground with an ankle injury. Bennett could be seen on the broadcast in obvious pain, and for a minute it looked like his day might be done.

Of course, it wasn't.

Bennett came back into the game shortly after leaving the field, and he eventually hauled in six of Tom Brady's passes for 67 yards -- he also found his way into the end zone three times.

After the game Martellus had his usual media availability. One of the questions was how and why he came back onto the field after what looked like a pretty painful injury early on. He answered the question in fairly typical Marty B fashion, which is to say: awesomely.

An edited-for-profanity transcript is below, via Jeff Howe of the Boston Herald.

"S--t hurts. You lay down for a second. You feel sorry for yourself then you think of all the people who are counting on you on the field and off the field, and you just find a way suck it up and go out there and play for those guys. That's what it's really about. I didn't want to let my teammates down. A lot of stuff we worked on in practice counted on both of us being out there, so I had to figure out a way to go back out there and play with my teammates.

"They asked me if I needed a cart and I'm like, 'S--t, I'm going to look so weak.' I've been watching Luke Cage. He's the bulletproof brother from Marvel, and I'm like, 'What would Luke Cage do right now?' He'd get up and keep bouncing around, so I was like, 'I've got to get up and show them, get a moment, just run off the field and let them know I'm coming back in the game.'"

We don't have anything to add here. Just thought it was important that everyone know Luke Cage is the reason Bennett came back into the game and dominated the Browns. Carry on.