Matt Schaub's first Raiders pass is a fake field goal interception

Matt Schaub attempted the first pass of his Raiders career on Sunday and it was perfect: a gift-wrapped interception for the Browns on a fake field goal attempt.

Sebastian Janikowski initially came out to attempt a field goal but motioned out to the sideline, leaving Schaub -- his holder -- under center. Hijinx ensued.

In theory this is a good play. Schaub's a decent(ly expensive) quarterback so if the Browns are fooled, you can pick up some yardage here.

Unfortunately the snap was bad and Schaub panicked, giving the Browns a free pick on fourth down. 

You'll remember Schaub was a high-priced (!) addition this offseason who was beat out for the starting job by rookie Derek Carr. So this was his first pass attempt of the year for Oakland. 

A perfectly delightful Raiders moment.

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