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After losing to the Baker Mayfield-quarterbacked Los Angeles Rams on Thursday night, the Las Vegas Raiders are now 5-8 and sitting far outside the AFC playoff picture. 

It was a game that Raiders surely should have won, considering both the star players the Rams had sidelined (Matthew Stafford, Cooper Kupp, and Aaron Donald among them) and that the Raiders held a two-possession lead in the fourth quarter. It was also the fourth time this season that the Raiders have lost a game that they led by 10 or more points at halftime. They've only led by 10 or more at halftime in four games, so that means they are 0-4 when leading by double-digits at the half. 

To put that in perspective, consider that non-2022 Raiders teams are 2,185-244-3 in such games since 2000. That's an 0.899 winning percentage. Again, the Raiders are 0-4.

Star edge rusher Maxx Crosby tried to explain how this lack of success feels, and seemed almost at a loss for words. The thing he came around to is that he feels badly for the people who support the Raiders. 

"We had every opportunity to close this game out, and we didn't," Crosby said, per The Athletic. "Just sick about it. It's tough. You know, we played good football for most of the game. We just didn't close the game. And it's happened before. It's unfortunate. We have work to do. As simple as that. It sucks because when you're in the game you feel like you've done enough to finish it and then we just keep giving them chances. It's all self-inflicted s---. So, that's what makes it hard. It is what it is. Obviously, it sucks. I just feel bad for the fans."

Raiders fans' next chance to see if the Raiders can build and then hold onto a double-digit lead will come next Sunday against head coach Josh McDaniels' former team, the New England Patriots. That should be fun.