The Jets are not a good football team. After their roster purge, they're probably the worst football team in the NFL. And that's OK, because by being awful, the Jets will have a great chance to wind up with the No. 1 pick in the 2018 draft, which means they'll likely be able to pick a quarterback in a loaded draft. 

Everyone knows the Jets are bad, well, except Jets defensive lineman Muhammad Wilkerson

When Giants offensive lineman Justin Pugh made this observation at the airport ...

... Wilkerson responded by saying he put a "red dot" on Pugh.

If you're not sure what the "red dot" means, you should go watch "Predator" right now, because that movie had the best use of red dots -- and features Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime. It's a great movie. And for what its worth, Wilkerson and Pugh appear to be joking with each other, so let's not try to turn this into a huge thing. Here's how Pugh responded:

Anyway, to answer Pugh's original question, the reason why only Jets hats are available is because the Jets are bad and fans don't want to buy the gear of a bad football team. That's my guess.

The thing is, Wilkerson is not bad. Wilkerson is the best player on the Jets' roster, having secured 41 sacks in his career and establishing himself as one the game's best interior defenders. So when Wilkerson says he's coming after Pugh, he isn't making an idle threat. Wilkerson is actually capable of blowing up the Giants' offensive line.

It all goes down on Aug. 26, when the two New York teams clash in a preseason game. It might just end up being the Jets' personal Super Bowl considering a win would give them bragging rights over the Giants and wouldn't negatively impact their draft position.