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Roughing the passer calls were under the spotlight in 2022, with many controversial penalties called during the season. One NFL team wants to make roughing the passer calls reviewable by replay, according to the NFL Network.

The proposed rule, Judy Battista reports, is not likely to be supported by the league's competition committee. Barring a withdrawal, the rule change proposal would be voted on during March's annual league meeting by ownership.

On Sunday, the NFL competition committee held meetings where they reportedly looked at over 80 roughing the passer calls. They concluded three that were questionable. 

They reportedly discussed "sling vs. slam" plays, where slam is a defender picking up the quarterback in the air and slamming them to the ground, which results in a penalty. A "sling," on the other hand, is not an issue and is the "natural progression of the play."

The NFL competition committee is meeting Monday to further discuss the new proposal.

Officiating as a whole was also discussed, with the committee spending 90 minutes talking about how it can be more consistent. The NFL has been happy with its officiating, and executive vice president of football operations Troy Vincent is satisfied with the training of the league's officials. 

During the regular season, Vincent commented on the possibility of making roughing the passer calls reviewable, saying they would discuss the possibility of changing things with the committee in the offseason.

Some players have been very vocal about roughing the passer calls and their displeasure with how the league handles the plays. In October, Washington Commanders quarterback Taylor Heinicke said, "To be honest, though, I think it's ruining the game. I really do."

Tony Dungy, Lawrence Taylor, Sean Payton, Richard Sherman and Micah Parsons have also expressed their criticisms on some roughing the passer calls during the 2022 season, with the overarching message saying some calls have negatively impacted games.