Detroit has been calling around the league ascertaining what value back-up Mikel Leshoure, a former second-round pick, could bring, while former first-round pick Mark Ingram, injured most of this season, would welcome a trade, according to league sources, but the market for them is limited. In this era of pass-happy football, few teams feel the want or need to trade for a running back, though injuries this weekend, ahead of the deadline, could change that.

The Cowboys are one playoff contender that could use help there, but their cap situation severely limits them.

It’s widely knows the Jaguars are very open to moving Maurice Jones-Drew, according to league sources, but his high salary and paltry production has resulted in scant interest for an aging back, even one with his pedigree.

The Cardinals shopped running back Ryan Williams, who has battled injuries, earlier this season and he could be had as well, sources said, while the Raiders might part with Darren McFadden, a former first-round pick in the final year of his deal as well, sources said. But, again, there has not been much of a market for running backs to this point.