We already know that Packers are adding a patch to their uniform for 2018, but could they have something even bigger up their sleeves for the upcoming season?

We now officially have a mystery on our hands after Davante Adams shared an interesting picture on Instagram this week. The photo below shows a stack of gold Packers jerseys, which is a color the team has have never worn before. 

If the Packers were going to break out a gold uniform, 2018 would be the year to do it. The team wore gold uniforms back in the late 1940s and 1950s, which would almost make it fitting to bring them back this year, since the team is celebrating its 100th season. 

The Packers wore a total of four uniforms last year (white, green, Color Rush, throwback), so it wouldn't be completely crazy if they were going to unveil a new uniform for their celebration. Also, the NFL has said that Color Rush will be coming back with more "flexibility" in 2018, which had many fans online speculating that these could be Color Rush uniforms.

However, it's highly unlikely that this is a jersey the Packers will be wearing this year. For one, teams are highly secretive about how and when they unveil a new uniform, so it's doubtful that Adams would have been able to get his hands on multiple gold jerseys, since the team would likely have them under lock and key. 

Also, the gold uniform in Adams' photo is strikingly similar to a gold jersey that's available for sale online. Although the Packers don't wear a gold uniform, you can purchase a gold uniform. As matter of fact, here's what the Randall Cobb jersey looks like. 

If you like the Packers' golden jerseys, you can purchase your own.  CBSSports.com

Basically, if you're a Packers fan, I wouldn't get too excited over these uniforms, because it's very unlikely that Green Bay will actually be wearing them this year. However, if you're curious about what Adams would look like in a gold uniform, here's a quick look.