If you've ever watched an NFL game, you may have noticed that dozens of beer commercials will generally air during each game. If you pay close attention to those commercials though, you may have also noticed that none of them ever feature any NFL players and there's actually a good reason for that: The NFL has a rule in place that keeps active players from directly endorsing beer. 

This rule is why you don't ever see a player sipping on an ice cold brew in a beer ad and why you never see any players in any beer ads at all. 

So how do you get around that rule? You make a beer commercial that's not actually about beer, which is exactly what Patrick Mahomes did this week. 

The Chiefs quarterback teamed up with Coors Light for a commercial, but since Mahomes couldn't actually talk about Coors Light in the ad, they skirted the NFL's beer rule by making a commercial for a FLASHLIGHT. 

In what might go down as the most brilliant flashlight ad ever that's actually about beer, Coors had Mahomes do a commercial for a flashlight that was designed to look like a can of Coors Light. 

Let's go ahead and watch the ad. 

The best part of the ad is that the flashlights were actually for sale, but unfortunately for anyone reading this right now, you can't get one, because they're already sold out. The fact that they sold out is actually a good thing, because all the proceeds from the flashlights went to charity. 

There were plenty of people who were impressed with Mahomes' ability to get around the NFL's beer rule, and one of those people was 49ers tight end George Kittle, who sent a tweet to Mahomes on Twitter. 

Kittle is probably going to call his agent and demand to be in a beer ad that's not actually about beer. 

Mahomes broke new ground when he signed a 10-year, $450 million contract in July 2020, and now, he's breaking new ground again by being the first player to appear in a beer ad that's not actually about beer.