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Last weekend, New England Patriots veteran Matthew Slater made history on the same day Bill Belichick was making history. With their win over the New York Jets, the Patriots earned Bill Belichick his 325th win as a head coach, moving him past Chicago Bears legendary head coach George Halas for second most on the NFL's all-time list. They also played alongside Slater in his 214th game as a Patriot, the second most in team history.

Quarterback Tom Brady currently leads the franchise in most games played with 285, per StatMuse. There are only five Patriots players to play in over 200 games: Brady (285), Slater (214), Bruce Armstrong (212), Julius Adams (206) and Stephen Gostkowski (204).

Following his historic victory against the New York Jets, Belichick gave Slater the game ball and acknowledged his accomplishment in a postgame full of historic moments and recognition. 

"It's only fitting that -- Coach Belichick has a great appreciation for history," Slater told the team, per Twitter video. "And it's only fitting that he makes some history here today. I want to challenge you guys to have an appreciation for history. Where you came from. Who paved the way for you."

"History is important, fellas. We can't forget where we come from," the 37-year-old said. "Because in order to understand where we're going, we gotta be able to look back and learn from what's happened in the past. History matters. History was made here today though. Let's go out there and keep our heads down, fellas. Continue to grind, and most importantly, stay together."

Slater, a staple not just on the field for the Patriots, but in the locker room as well, will add to that number this weekend when the Patriots take on the Indianapolis Colts. The 12-year captain joined the Patriots when he was drafted by the team in 2008 with the No. 153 overall pick and has been with the team his entire career.

Devin McCourty, who is still with the team, has played in 196 games for New England, and will likely reach 200 games played by the end of this season, joining the five others in the exclusive club.

Mosi Tatupu (194), Troy Brown (192), Raymond Clayborn (191), Tedy Bruschi (189) and John Hannah (183) complete the top 10.