It's been a few years now since Peyton Manning was playing in the NFL, but he still has a strong interest in what's going on in the league. Not only does his brother Eli still play quarterback for the Giants, but many of Manning's former coaches and teammates are still in the league as well. 

One of those former coaches is Adam Gase, who was the offensive coordinator in Denver while Manning was there before leaving to become the head coach of the Miami Dolphins. Gase was then let go by Miami this offseason and is now the head coach of the New York Jets, where he'll be tasked with directing the development of one of the league's brightest young quarterback prospects: Sam Darnold

Manning likes this idea of Gase and Darnold working together. 

"I think it's a good fit for Sam," Manning said, per "Adam was wonderful to me after my injury. I had to learn to play football in a sort of different physical state because I couldn't throw the ball the same way."

Manning is enthusiastic about the idea of the duo building an offense together, noting that Gase created an offense around his own (somewhat) diminished skill set after the series of neck surgeries that led to his leaving Indianapolis for Denver in the first place. 

"Mentally, Adam was able to take some plays that I used to run and build this hybrid offense where I could just go out there and play," Manning said.

If Gase is able to do for Darnold anything close to what he did for Manning, the Jets will surely be happy with the hire. Of course, Manning himself had as much input in play-calling and offensive design as any quarterback in NFL history, and he was also arguably the most talented quarterback of all time. He had a ton of weapons to surround him in Denver, plus a great offensive line. Darnold pretty much has none of that in New York right now.

So in addition to Gase designing an offense around Darnold's skills, the Jets' front office also needs to find him some help. Otherwise, no matter how high hopes are for this partnership, it is bound to disappoint.