Mark Wahlberg wasn't the only Patriots fan to give up on his team in Super Bowl LI. President Donald Trump -- who often touts his friendships with Patriots owner Robert Kraft, coach Bill Belichick, and quarterback Tom Brady -- left his Super Bowl party during the third quarter.

Before the game, he predicted the Patriots would win by eight points. At the time of his departure, the Patriots trailed 28-3. They ended up winning 34-28 in overtime after a historic comeback.

Reports didn't say if Trump eventually returned or if he watched somewhere else. But he did leave.

After the game, Trump congratulated the Patriots on Twitter.

During Trump's presidential campaign last year, he repeatedly brought up his close relationships with key members of the Patriots.

Last spring, Trump mentioned Brady at a rally in Maryland. In November, Trump said that Brady called him to tell him that he voted for him and that Belichick wrote a letter congratulating Trump on a "tremendous campaign." Trump later defended Brady's innocence in regards to Deflategate. In January, Trump's adviser, Kellyanne Conway, thanked "loyal" supporters like Brady and Kraft.

So, it should be quite the celebration when the Patriots visit the White House. With that being said, at least one member of the Patriots won't be joining his teammates. At Opening Night, tight end Martellus Bennett said that he wouldn't travel to the White House because he doesn't support Trump.