Photo courtesy L.A. Rams

If any Rams players show up to training camp this week with a cramp in their fingers, it's probably because they're still getting used to wearing their monstrous Super Bowl ring. 

Four months after beating the Bengals 23-20 in Super Bowl LVI, the Rams finally got their ring on Thursday night during a private event in Los Angeles. Every year, Super Bowl rings seem to be getting bigger and this year was no exception. According to the team, this Rams' ring has the "most diamond carat weight in Championship ring history."

And since you're now wondering what the ring looks like, let's go ahead and take a look. 

Believe it or not, that picture doesn't even do the ring justice, but thankfully, the Rams did tweet out a photo gallery that included multiple pictures of the ring from different angles. 

One of the wildest aspect of the ring is that the TOP COMES OFF. When you take the top off, the bottom half of the ring reveals the inside of SoFi Stadium (You can see this in the fifth picture of the Rams' slideshow). Once the top is taken off, the underside of the removable top features part of the GAME BALL. That's right, every single ring includes a small part of a football that was used in the game. 

Here's a video that shows what the inside of the ring looks like once the top is removed. 

Now, about those diamonds. 

One thing the Rams wanted to do was celebrate the fact that they won the Super Bowl in their home stadium. One way they did that was to put 20 carats of white diamonds on the ring, which represents the year SoFi Stadium opened (2020). 

Another way they tied in SoFi is that the top part of the ring connects to the bottom of the ring with columns that are designed to look like the columns at the stadium. The columns on the ring include .23 carats of diamonds and those diamonds represent the 23 points that the Rams scored against the Bengals in the Super Bowl. 

The ring also includes 1.12 carats of round diamonds and it's definitely not a coincidence that they chose to go with 1.12 carats. That number is to celebrate the date of January 12, which is a big one in Rams history. It's the date they were approved to move to L.A. in 2016, it's the date Sean McVay was hired in 2017 and it also marked the date of their first playoff victory (January 2019) since returning to L.A. 

The inside of the ring features the final score from each one of the Rams' playoff wins. 

Despite all those diamonds, one thing the ring doesn't appear to include is any mention of the franchise's first Super Bowl win, which came back in 1999 while the Rams were playing in St. Louis. Most teams honor a prior Super Bowl by adding an extra Lombardi Trophy for each win, but the Rams didn't do that. 

Even with just one Lombardi Trophy on the ring, the players still seemed to love it, which makes sense, because they helped design it. Aaron Donald, Jalen Ramsey, Odell Beckham Jr. and Von Miller were among the players who helped with the design (The actual production was handled by Jason of Beverly Hills). 

If you want an idea of how big the ring is, just look at what it looks like on Aaron Donald's hand. 

Not only was the Rams' entire team in attendance to get a ring, but so was Beckham, who is currently a free agent. 

Odell definitely looks like he's having a good time. 

Miller was another player who showed up despite no longer playing for the Rams. 

The Bills' new pass-rusher, who signed with Buffalo earlier this year, showed off his Super Bowl LVI ring while also wearing his ring from Super Bowl 50 and you can definitely tell that the new ring is much bigger than his older one. 

The Rams won't have long to celebrate with their new rings, because the 2022 season officially starts for them this week with rookies and veterans both scheduled to report for training camp on Saturday.