The Bengals became the team to finally take the plunge on controversial Oklahoma running back Joe Mixon, who has been heavily scrutinized because of an incident several years ago where he struck a woman in the face at a bar. The incident was captured on video.

Mixon, who was suspended for a season by Oklahoma before video of the incident emerged, did miss jail time by pleading down the charges, and eventually settled a civil lawsuit. He considered one of the best talents in the entire draft and, if football were the only concern here, potentially a top-10 pick.

Football is not the only concern, however, and teams were unwilling to take a chance on a man who performed such a heinous act on a female. 32 of them, apparently, as Adam Schefter of ESPN reported during the broadcast that there were "only about four teams in the NFL thinking about or considering taking Joe Mixon."

We had heard prior to the draft that several teams had taken Mixon off their boards, even though many teams met with the running back at the combine. A report emerged leading up to the draft of another incident involving Mixon, but his agent strongly denied those rumors.

Schefter followed it up on Twitter by saying he ran an anonymous survey of teams to see if they would take Mixon.

The betting line for Mixon being drafted opened with the No. 48 selection as the favorite, which shouldn't surprise anyone, since that's where Cincy was picking. The Bengals have long been unafraid to take a chance on players who are character risks. 

Mixon is a different case, however, because he was drafted in a post-Ray Rice world, where the NFL is actually enforcing punishments (some of them) on players involved in domestic violence. 

The Oklahoma running back was going to be a public relations nightmare for whoever drafted him -- ESPN aired the footage of Mixon punching the woman during the draft. It is entirely possible, and maybe quite likely that local news stations will do the same thing. At the very least, Bengals fans unaware of the situation will be searching the Internet for information on Mixon and be capable of finding the video. 

It is a very difficult video to watch. Mixon is doing his best to rehabilitate his image and the incident did happen in the past. But he is going to be a severely scrutinized player for the Bengals.