If we’ve learned one thing about Rob Gronkowski during his seven-year NFL career, it’s that his favorite number is 69.

No one talks about a number more than Gronk talks about that number. For instance, after he scored his 68th career touchdown in Week 7 last season, the Patriots tight end got overly excited because he knew exactly what was coming next. 

It’s a minor miracle that Gronk didn’t walk off the field and retire after he scored his 69th career touchdown the next week.  

Also, let’s not forget the time that Gronk decided to trash his usual No. 87 practice jersey so he could wear a more exciting number. 

All of this set the stage for Sunday, and what might go down as the greatest Gronk interview of all-time, and that’s mainly because Gronk was the one asking the questions. 

The Patriots tight end was talking to several Monster Energy girls at the Daytona 500 when he had a very important question for one of them. 

“Ashley, what’s your favorite speed limit out there?,” Gronk asked, before trying to nudge her toward a certain answer. “I hope it’s somewhere around 70 or something.”

Either, Ashley doesn’t know Gronk’s favorite number or she didn’t care, but she didn’t give him the answer he wanted. Well, OK, she kind of did. 

“I am a hardcore. I like to go as fast as possible,” Ashley said.

Gronk’s response? 

“Ohhh. I like that answer.”

Obviously, whenever Gronk decides to retire, there needs to be a reality show that solely consists of him going around asking people what their favorite number is. Until that happens though, you’ll just have to settle for the video below. (To catch up on anything you might have missed from the Daytona 500, be sure to click here)