If you had to guess what Rob Gronkowski's favorite number was, your first choice would be 69. That's because Gronk is the bro-iest bro that ever bro'd, and it's a nice number.

The Patriots tight end essentially confirmed it's his favorite number on Sunday night after the Pats' victory over the Steelers.

Asked how excited he was to tie Stanley Morgan for most touchdowns in Pats history, Gronk said he's really more excited that his next touchdown is No. 69.

Gronk has 68 total touchdowns from scrimmage since coming into the league in 2010. 67 of them are receiving, while one is credited as a 2-yard "rushing" touchdown that was a pass from Brady but later ruled a backward lateral and therefore a rushing score.

His 68th overall score was just like the 67 before it -- a man among boys smashing his way into the end zone.

Gronk is also moving up the ranks in terms of most receptions between a quarterback and a receiver. He and Tom Brady are now seventh all time with 66 passing touchdowns between them, having passed Jim Kelly/Andre Reed and sitting only one behind Peyton Manning/Reggie Wayne.