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Russell Wilson has barely been in Denver for six weeks, but he's already breaking records there. 

According to the Denver Business Journal, Wilson and his wife, Ciara, recently purchased a home in the Colorado city and here's the kicker: They ended up paying $25 million for the property, which is the most money that anyone has ever paid for a single-family home in the Denver area. The previous record for the most expensive home was $15.75 million and that actually also had Broncos ties. That was the price someone paid to buy a house that belonged to former Broncos coach Mike Shanahan, which was sold in October 2021

So what will $25 million buy you in this economy? Glad you asked. 

The house, which is actually located in the Denver suburb of Cherry Hills Village, sits on five acres and has more than 20,000 square-feet of room (20,060 to be exact). When you have that much room, you can squeeze quite a few special amenities in there and this house does that. Not only does it have a basketball court, a game room and a theater, but there's also a 2,590-square-foot indoor swimming pool. 

Here are a few pictures from the house: 

As if that's not enough, the house also has four bedrooms, TWELVE bathrooms and a nine-car garage. Why does a house need 12 bathrooms? I have no idea. I'm afraid to walk into a house that has more than five bathrooms. 

And since you're now probably wondering, this isn't 12 full bathrooms. According to the house's listing on, there are six full bathrooms, five half-bathrooms and one three-fourths bathroom (If you check out the listing, you'll get to see more pictures of the house). If the Wilsons ever decide to hold a big party at their new place, I think we can all safely assume that there will never be a line for the bathroom. 

The Wilsons are upsizing from their home in Seattle. Their 11,000 square-foot home in Washington is currently on the market for $28 million, according to a recent listing

During his short time in Colorado, Wilson has already embraced his new home. Over the past few weeks, not only did he sit courtside at a Nuggets game, but he also threw the first pitch at a Rockies game. 

Wilson was actually selected by the Rockies during the 2010 MLB Draft, and now, 12 years later, he'll finally get to play for a team in Denver. The opportunity came when the Seahawks surprisingly traded him to the Broncos in March

Although Wilson only has two years remaining on his current contract, it won't be surprising if the Broncos give him a long-term extension at some point in the near future. Since being drafted by the Seahawks in 2012, the one-time Super Bowl winning quarterback has earned more than $180 million on the field