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After looking to trade Le'Veon Bell, the New York Jets released the veteran running back on Tuesday night, after less than two seasons with the team. The move comes amid a tough season filled with mistakes and mishaps all across the board and an 0-5 record to show for it.

The team didn't get what they wanted out of Bell, and judging by his prayer emoji tweet after the announcement, he is happy to be out.

David Samson discussed the release and the statement announcing the release on Wednesday's edition of "Nothing Personal with David Samson."

He opens the segment with, "Everyone's talking about this. Who gives a crap? Le'Veon Bell stinks."

Samson then breaks down what went on with Bell in New York, saying the RB and head coach Adam Gase did not like each other.  

"The Jets put out a statement that turned my stomach. Literally gave me a cramp," the podcast host said.

Here is the statement in question:

"They've been trying to trade him for a year, let's start with that," Samson said. "If someone had been willing to trade a bag of footballs and a 70th round draft pick and there was any sort of cap savings over a release, you make that trade."

He also calls out Joe Douglas saying there were discussions with the agent. 

"This whole bullcrap and horse hockey that teams say, 'We've been in touch with the agent ... it's BS. They don't do that ... Agents calling up GMs trying to trade their own players? Give me a small break." To sum it all up Samson says, "The Jets are an absolute joke. I'm sorry."

Samson also had a problem with the GM making the statement himself asking if PR people exist for the Jets. 

The host then questions what Bell actually did for the team, wondering why they even decided to throw that comment in there.

Rewriting the Jets' statement, Samson says, "I want the statement to read like this: The New York Jets have announced today they have released Le'Veon Bell. That is a free agent signing that did not work out for anyone but Le'Veon Bell ... It didn't work. We own it. We thought it would work. It didn't work." Bell got a guaranteed $27 million when he signed a four-year, $52.5 million deal with the Jets, prior to the 2019 season.

Bell is now searching for a team once again, but says he is ready to go.