Jadeveon Clowney is the top free agent on the board after three days of NFL free agency, as he's still awaiting the contract offer he thought he was going to receive when the signing period began. Clowney seeks an offer north of $20 million per season. Per Corbin Smith of Sports Illustrated, the Seattle Seahawks have offered Clowney a contract that would pay the three-time Pro Bowl defensive end $18.5 million per season.

The Seahawks are hoping Clowney will be willing to remain in Seattle for the lesser amount, given his familiarity with the system and how he enjoys playing for the franchise. 

Whether or not Clowney chooses Seattle, the Seahawks have their eyes on more defensive help, per Gregg Bell of The News TribuneEverson Griffen waved goodbye to the Minnesota Vikings on Friday, and the Seahawks are apparently interested in the 32-year-old pass rusher. 

Griffen, a four-time Pro Bowl defensive end, had 41 tackles, eight sacks, and 48 pressures last season in 13 games last season. He has three double-digit sack seasons (Clowney does not have one in his career), including 74.5 sacks and nine forced fumbles in 10 seasons, all with Minnesota. 

Griffen's price tag would be less than Clowney's, given Griffen's age. There are also off-field issues. The Star Tribune reported in September the Vikings banned Griffen from the practice facility for outbursts as a result from "paranoia, fears for his life and combative behavior with family and teammates."

There is also reason for Seattle to be wary of giving Clowney $20 million per season. The sack totals have never been high for the talented defensive end, who had a career-high 9.5 in 2017. Clowney had only three sacks last season, but he was also hampered for the majority of the second half with a core muscle injury. 

Despite the injury, Clowney finished with 31 tackles, four forced fumbles, 13 quarterback hits and 47 pressures in 13 games. He has also graded well by Pro Football Focus over the past two seasons, excelling against the run as his athleticism has become a disruption for running backs that head toward his gap. 

Despite having just 12 sacks over the last two seasons, Clowney has 122 pressures during that same span. The sack totals have never been high (just 32 over six seasons), but Clowney has a knack for finding the football and does get to the quarterback.

The Seahawks will be patient as Clowney looks for that $20 million a year threshold. As the market dwindles, Clowney may have no choice but to return to Seattle.