The Seahawks had several chances late in Sunday's game to beat the Jaguars in Jacksonville but their fate was sealed after Russell Wilson failed to convert on fourth down with just over two minutes to go. And that's when things got interesting.

With Seattle out of timeouts and 54 seconds remaining, Jacksonville lined up in the victory formation to seal their 30-24 lead. On the play, defensive lineman Michael Bennett was rightly penalized for unnecessary roughness and teammate Sheldon Richardson was ejected for starting a brawl. Not to be outdone, a snap later, defensive lineman Quinton Jefferson was ejected for unnecessary roughness -- and for good measure, coach Pete Carroll was hit with an unsportsmanlike-conduct penalty after, ironically enough, coming onto the field to implore his players to quit getting stupid penalties.

The two teams lined up for one more kneel down, and as Jefferson made his way to the locker room he was almost nailed by what appeared to be a drink thrown from the stands. At this point, Jefferson made a sharp left to confront the fan(s) in question. yelling towards the front row while being restrained by Seahawks officials. Already hot, Jefferson lost his mind after he was almost hit in the head by another flying object (it also appeared to be a drink), and tried to climb into the stands.

Thankfully, Jefferson never made it and was eventually ushered into the locker room.

Needless to say, the league will be looking into this and in addition to heavy fines, there could be suspensions in the Seahawks' future.